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What services can a Man and Van be hired for?

Article Date: 06 December 2022

There are times when grappling with boxes, furniture or an odd, shaped item – and squeezing them into your own vehicle – is out of the question. Or maybe you just don’t fancy the hassle and hard work of the DIY option when moving stuff around. Not least as driving with an obstructed view from your back window is never a good idea!

That’s when you need some help from a reliable local transport company – preferably with smaller, more versatile vehicles. So, what services can a man and van be hired for?

Moving or relocating

When you are switching flats - or moving house and you don’t have much stuff - you will want to avoid expensive removal services in the Sheffield area. Instead, your personal belonging can be moved from A to B, using a man with van operation.

The same applies to relocating small businesses in this part of Yorkshire. Using a van and driver to transport a relatively small amount of business equipment and materials can be a great way to keep costs down.

Storage and man with van

Do you need somewhere to temporarily store items during a home move or business relocation?

Possibly, you are having a massive sort-out, and need to find storage for items before selling them, for example.

There are even occasions when people want to move seasonal equipment or materials into storage to reduce the clutter at their Sheffield area home or business. Just think, all that garden furniture could be moved to somewhere dry and out of the way for the winter!

Man with van services that offer storage discounts can be the perfect solution in these situations.

Small business services

There are over 5.5 million small businesses in the UK – including sole traders and enterprises working from home. Buying your own company vehicles can be too expensive when you need to deliver and collect items infrequently.

This is when a local man with van service is a highly affordable and flexible option. You can book a compact vehicle and driver only when you need it. Whether that’s to deliver finished goods in the Sheffield area and beyond, or to collect materials or equipment for your small business.

In fact, some people find that a versatile man with a van is the ideal fulfilment solution for start-up enterprises which rely on trustworthy local delivery.

eBay sellers

One type of business a man and van can assist with substantially is a highly active eBay venture.

If you include local or regional delivery in your costs, it can improve your eBay sales success. So, why not create a working relationship with a local, compact transport company, that can get items you sell to their new owners swiftly and affordably?

Courier service Sheffield area

A local man with a van service is not just about transporting major items or multiple consignments, of course. It can provide a cost-effective courier service near you.

For example, important documents, time-sensitive samples and single product deliveries can be couriered as and when required.

A local man with a van service can be a quick way to complete UK deliveries of parcels and boxes that need to arrive the same day too,

Picking up purchases

Have you bought on eBay and need your item collected? That’s another ‘tick’ for services offered by man with van operations.

It’s not just a service for eBay purchases though. With so much shopping done online these days, you can sometimes find you're responsible for arranging delivery to your home or business. Or, you need to avoid expensive delivery charges applied by some major retailers.

A man with van service in the Sheffield area can be swiftly booked and can drive to pick up your purchase. This can often be an affordable way to collect things like sofas, beds, dining sets and new kitchen appliances, for example.

Services for students

At the start and end of academic years – or even between terms – university and college students can find they have too much ‘stuff’ to cram in their parent’s car. Or, their parents are unavailable to act as personal removal staff!

A man with van service based in Sheffield can be booked to take or collect students and their belongings, anywhere in the UK.

Best way to move special items

This is perhaps one of the most crucial answers to 'what services can a man and van be hired for?'.

There are occasions when you need to move something important around, and you prefer to use a professional and purpose-created vehicle. That means your item or items are handled and moved with care.

What sort of thing does this cover?

Perhaps you need to move family heirlooms around safely or take things of great sentimental value to a new location. Do you have particularly fragile, heavy or oddly shaped belongings, that need to be transported with special treatment?

The best man with van service puts everything into safe hands.

Rubbish removal

This is possibly one of the least appreciated ways to use a man with van service. You can book them to remove unwanted junk and a wide range of waste materials from your home, garden, garage or business.

That old bike, broken washing machine or boxes of unwanted inventory can be gone within hours, without filling your council waste bins to overflowing.

Charity Donations

Lastly, if you've had a big sort-out that’s left you with a significant number of bags and items to go to charity shops – or furniture to go to upcycling initiatives – a man with a van can be the ideal solution.

Cost of ‘man with van near me’?

The above list of services a man and van can be hired for shows it’s a great option for a wide range of situations, from single items that are bulky or problematic, to a relatively small amount of personal belongings or regular product fulfilment services.

There is one common theme in all these potential services though.

A man with van operation can provide important cost savings – and a level of versatility – that ‘drives home’ their advantages.

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